We are changing the way college tours are done.


Our Mission

We prepare students for not only the college application, but also college life and beyond graduation. Students will be ready academically, socially, and culturally for the most important four years of their lives. Parents can be assured that their child is adequately equipped to face new challenges ahead.

who we are


Campus Unlimited was founded on the idea that education extends beyond the classroom. Our leadership consist of alumni from prestigious universities such as University of Pennsylvania and University of California, Berkeley. We have professional background in the most popular industries such as tech and engineering. We were also student leaders that knows what it takes to succeed in college, academically and socially.

We believe students are only being taught how to succeed in the classroom, but not as college students. As professionals that have experience growing up in a Chinese family, we understand what it takes to succeed in the hottest careers in the United States. It takes understanding how to use cultural nuances to your advantage and a huge network of people to lead you on the path of success.

That’s why we have designed our programs to expose students to people such as:

  • World class professors such as: Professor Alex Fillipenko, UC Berkeley

  • Industry professionals from companies such as: Google and Facebook

  • Student leaders from professional clubs such as: Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lambda

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What makes us different

While other tours simply show the campus on the surface, we provide an authentic experience where our students are full immersed into college life.
— Ava Gu, Alumni Advisor


  • Workshop Series for Students

  • Workshop Series for Parents

  • Attend real lectures, meet real students

  • English instruction

  • Major selection and career advice


  • Curated culinary adventure to top restaurants

  • Premium outlets shopping

  • Scenic Monterey Bay and Carmel day trip

  • Napa Valley wine tasting

  • Silicon Valley tour, including Google, Apple, Facebook


  • Continued mentorship and extracurricular activities to supplement classroom learning

  • Local team to assist with critical needs such as finding apartments, opening bank accounts, and organizing bill payments

  • Connect students with peers and professionals so that they build a network of opportunities


  • 1:1 one alumni advisor assigned to one student

  • Assistance with application process based on students situation

  • Flexible tour adjustments based on preferences