Northern California

Southern California Encore Tour

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On-campus workshops

Taught by esteemed alumni and industry professionals, Campus Unlimited’s Workshop Series will prepare each student to excel beyond the competition. All workshops will be hosted at UC Berkeley.



Experience life as a UC Berkeley student; listen to the same professors, attend the same classrooms, eat at the student cafeteria. This is as close as it gets to being an actual student without enrolling. Find out why it is the best public university in the world.


EXCLUSIVE UC Berkeley ‘Decal’ Courses

Democratic Education at Cal, or DeCal, are faculty-sponsored student-run legitimate university courses at UC Berkeley that count for college credits. Each semester, there are over 150 courses available that cover topics not addressed in the traditional curriculum. Students can take courses such as Taiko Drumming, Photography, or Simpsons and Philosophy. More details here.