Campus Unlimited Workshop Series’s goal is to prepare the entire family, parent and student, for studying abroad.

Experienced Mentors

Leadership Training

All our alumni advisers and student ambassadors are professional trained and come from prestigious universities.

From networking workshops to etiquette lessons, we will coach your child to improve their leadership skills.

on-campus experience

English Instruction

We collaborate with student groups and leaders to host workshops on campus to provide the most authentic experience.

All workshop instruction will be given in English to provide an immersive environment and to simulate a typical classroom.

Workshop #1 - Student Life


This workshop aims to promote an honest conversation about topics that may be too embarrassing too awkward to talk about between friends and family. Our experienced counselors are on hand to answer some frequently asked questions and also questions that matter to you.

Student life is an integral part of the college experience. As a student, you will need to balance your studies, extracurriculars, social events, and rest. This informal workshop will be the best time for you to ask any off-the-record questions. This may include: “How to choose between “practical courses” versus “interest courses?”, “Which clubs and activities should I join?”, “How is the dating scene like in the US?”, “How do fraternity/sororities work?”.


Being a parent is difficult when your child has flown the nest. Especially when they’ve flown 6,000 miles away. Let us help share your burden by answering some of your questions and introduce you to some of our solutions. Your questions may include: “How do we ensure that our child is maintaining good study habits but also a fulfilling college experience?”, “What can we do to keep our child safe?”, “How do I manage living expense and cash allowance?.”

Workshop #2 - Choosing Your Path



Academics should be a student’s priority. Choosing the right major or the right classes could put you on the most direct path to success. This workshop will be focusing on important academic choices students will make during their college life. We will also explore non-academic extracurricular activities that will also dramatically impact a student’s success after graduation.

PARENT WORKSHOP (Chinese) - Cultural Values

We will also talk about aspects of assimilating into the American society including food, friends, environment, and peer pressure. We’ll also take a deep dive into American values and policies that may affect your child’s growth. Parents play a huge role in helping their child through cultural shock, a physical and emotional discomfort from living in a culture different than your native culture.


Workshop #3 - Etiquette



One of the more nuanced concepts to grasp is the local social etiquette. From the simple handshake to a formal dinner, we will train you on the appropriate social behavior.

  • Introduction: Dress for success, body language, greetings, conversation

  • Meetings and Group work: Punctuality, participation, speaking up

  • Formal Dining: Ordering, eating, utensils, being excused

PARENT WORKSHOP (Chinese) - Real Estate in Bay Area

Real estate in the Bay Area is extremely hot and complicated. Learn the basics to investing in real estate either for yourself or for your child. We will give you the information to decide whether renting or buying works better for your family. We will show you the popular cities and neighborhoods as well as go over financing basics.


Workshop #4 - Interviews (Online Lecture)



Regardless if you’re applying for an internship, school club, or any organization, you probably cannot escape from an interview. Thankfully, it can also be your time to shine. An interview is often the “make-or-break” portion of your application. Throughout your college life, you will be faced with plenty of interview opportunities. This workshop will focus on teaching you what to expect and how to pass them with flying colors. We will discuss how to craft and deliver accomplishment stories, how to plan and research your target, and how to present yourself through body language (smiling, handshake, physical presence).


Workshop #5 - Application Process (Online Lecture)



Applying to college is stressful and confusing; even more so for international students. This workshop aims to debunk the application process so students can focus on building a strong application rather than sorting through all the fluff. We will:

  • Discuss how to properly research a university and their programs

  • Navigating the application process (Common Application, Public Universities, Test Requirements)

  • Applying for grants, scholarships, and financial aid


Workshop #6 - Personal Statement



Crafting the perfect personal statement is the most difficult part of the application process. A good personal statement can make up for deficiencies in grades and test scores. This crucial element can be your biggest swing vote. This workshop will explore the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful personal statements as well as how to escape from cookie cutter pitfalls.


Workshop #7 - Resume



This workshop focuses on teaching students how to build a strong resume for any occasion. Resumes are not just for job seeking. They are used for applying to school clubs, internships, part-time jobs and more. We will take a look at crafting a “master resume” and spend time with each student to critique their individual resume.

  1. Effective uses of a resume

  2. How to build a resume organically

  3. Resume wordsmithing and formatting

  4. How to take in feedback

  5. Customizing resume based on objective

  6. Interactive Resume Critique by Alumni


Workshop #8 - Networking



It’s no secret that having connections will help you gain an advantage over the competition. The question should be: how do we cultivate even more connections and build our own network? Once we have those connections, how do we utilize them to reach our goals? This workshop will focus on networking with the right attitude and mindset so you can tap into the power of your network. We will also have an interactive sessions on how to approach strangers at receptions and networking events.


Workshop #9 - Career Fair (Online Lecture)



Most international students after graduation would pursue a career here in the United States. While you may be familiar with big mainstream companies, there are many industries you may not know about. We have invited young successful professionals from various industries to participate in a discussion panel where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact directly with them. They represent career fields such as tech, law, biotech, civil engineering, and finance. After the discussion panel, students will be able to test their networking skills and mingle with the panelists directly.